Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

That VISA facilitation services can be availed from any visa facilitation services provider subject to norms of concerned embassy/high commission. There is no compulsion to avail services only from HRG VISA, which is a unit of HRG Legal Advisor (OPC) Pvt Ltd. a company incorporated under theCompanies Act, 2013, Term “HRG VISA” includes HRG Legal Advisor (OPC) Pvt Ltd. being registered entity

That HRG VISA will be acting only as an agent for the client herein, where HRG VISA will be providing services of physical (off line) or online submission of applications for visas, including but not limited to providing services ancillary to the immigration process.

That role of HRG VISA is limited only to facilitate client to apply for visa and not to grant any visa since HRG VISA does not have any authority to do so. There is no assurance that VISA will be granted as decision of granting of visa is always in the hands of immigration authority of the concerned country

That there shall be flat fee for the visa facilitation which should be paid prior to availing visa facilitation services. This fee is exclusive of any VISA fee, statutory fees or government charges, applicable taxes or Visa Facilitation Service (VFS) fee which is to be paid directly (including online payment) to the concerned VFS centre or Immigration Authority.

HRG VISA will be providing checklist/s for various document/s required for applying for VISAand client must provide the same without any delay (by the next day). Any condonation of delay in submission of documents must be got condoned in writing. This strictness is to be adhered as sometimes delay in submission in documents leads to inordinate delay in filing of visa application.

That visa facilitation will include providing assistance to client in filling visa application form and its submission. However HRG VISA shall not be responsible for any misinformation given in the application form.Generally documentation required are copy of valid passports of travelling pax, financial credential documents and other documents as per the official website of the concerned immigration department. All documents so provided must be in English or translated to English. Prior to submission or signing of VISA Application Form client must cross verify contents of filled visa application form to its correctness and also see that documents annexed to the visa application are authentic and in order.

HRG Visa shall not be responsible for any costs or consequences that may arise due to delay in the visa process or outcome of the application. HRG Visa shall not be burdened with any costs or consequences that may arise due to rejection of visa application or curtailment in visa period of duration.

Client by accepting this service arrangement, agrees to indemnify HRG Visa/ HRG Legal Advisor (OPC) Pvt Ltd. from any loss, cost or expense that may arise while defending itself in any court of law in connection with this facilitation service.

It may sometimes take longer than the standard processing time for visa applications to be processed which is not in control of HRG Visa. If in case any booking expenses are made for various travel tour components such as flights or restaurants, the same has to be borne by the Client. HRG Visa has no influence on any decision on the applications by concerned immigration authority.

The payments of fees/taxes/charges made to the HRG Visa in connection with VISA application or its facilitation are non refundable. There shall be No refund of any fees, taxes, charges paid to HRG VISA where visa application has been submitted to the Immigration Authorities or its agent regardless of the reason for withdrawal.

The liability of the HRG Visa shall be always limited to the extent of the professional charges taken from the client.

It is the client’s own responsibility to ensure that he familiarizes himself with his visa activation date and that the client enters the country to activate his visa before the visa activation date passes. The client’s visa is liable to be canceled once the visa expiration date passes if the client has not entered before the stipulated date. The client shall be responsible and liable for any consequence that may arise due to visa utilization or its lapse in all circumstances.

HRG Visa shall not be responsible or liable for anyviolation of visa terms and conditions (including overstaying). It shall be responsibilityof visa holder to ensure that he remains legal at all the time while availing visa privileges of that country.

HRG Visa shall not be held responsible for any loss or damages that may be suffered on account of incorrect visa or incorrect details on a visa document. It shall be the responsibility of client to check correctness before utilizing visa privileges. HRG Visa shall not be responsible under any circumstance to compensate client for any loss, damage or delay of passports or travel documents by any third party courier/delivery company. All due care is taken while handling passports of clients, however sometimes there could be situation where passport might be misplaced, mutilated/ torn during course of handling, in such a situation liability of HRG VISA is limited to professional charges taken from the client and HRG VISA shall not provide any other compensation.

That the Courts at Delhi only shall be the competent courts of jurisdiction in case of any dispute that may arise from and out of these terms and conditions in respect of visa facilitation services.

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